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Voice Service

Digital Lines

This service offers a connectivity service from your telephone system to the PSTN (public switched telephone network). The public switched telephone network is a domestic telecommunications system used by public and private telephones, by data mechanisms and by exchanges of private data segments. Any connection made through this system is a PSTN call. A call made through the PSTN uses dial pulses and multi-frequency tones to transmit data from the sender to the receiver. Local, long distance national and international calls are possible through this connectivity. For companies that have a traditional PBX telephone system on site, we have digital or analog delivery formats. If you have an IP-PBX on site with the advanced functionality of receiving trunks of SIP technology, we also have this service for your benefit.

Learn how voice services from Transtelco will change the way you do business:

Benefits of Voice Service

  • We have attractive and very competitive plans
  • Numeric portability
  • Support with a proactive fraud detection system detected through the improper use of your lines.
  • Rapidity of implementation for already activated customers
  • High scalability of channels in SIP Trunks
  • We have high availability system on our Voice servers.
  • Assignment of DID for digital connectivity systems.
  • Rapidity in establishing and releasing calls in digital systems.
  • We establish private communication channels with non-public data for call establishments.

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