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Introducing TCloud Connect – Improved, Reliable, Secure.

Transtelco offers TCloud service as a private connection through its private fiber optic network securely extending your on-premises network with a dedicated high bandwidth connection between your data center and the cloud.
Private line to major cloud providers such as:

TCloud Benefits

  • Fast and Secure: Get a faster and more secure connection to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
  • Reliable: Get a redundant connection, so your traffic can quickly fail over in case of network failures
  • Cost Effective: Pay less for predictable performance
  • Easy: Connect your data center to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in a few simple clicks

Private, Direct Connection

A direct connection inherently provides a private connection with improved, reliable, and secure performance. This connection is added to the current network by injecting private cloud networks into its private routing scheme, without going through public networks like the Internet. This is the main reason why it allows security by the fact of staying in a private networks scheme. Being private with direct connection the transfer time is improved because the data Cloud does not compete with other types of traffic going to the cloud like an Internet VPN.


The user subscribe to Cloud Flex Connect from IP MATRIX, S.A. de C.V. (Transtelco) will get 50MB during 90-day free as promotion (“Trial Period“), this Trial Period will be activated when the user submits its payment details at the time of registration. The user by submitting his payment details, (i) accepts the introductory Trial Period, (ii) consent to us using his payment details in accordance with our Privacy Policy, (iii) acknowledge and agree to the Transtelco Terms and Conditions of use and these Introductory Trial Period Terms and Conditions. If you decide that you do not want to remain a paying user of the Cloud Flex Connect Service, you have to cancel your subscription to the Cloud Flex Connect Service by logging into your Cloud Flex Connect account and following the prompts on the Account page, prior to the end of your Introductory Trial Period. Otherwise, at the end of your Introductory Trial Period, you will automatically become a paying user of the Cloud Flex Connect Service at the regular Cloud Flex Connect monthly price, and the payment method you provided will automatically be charged the Cloud Flex Connect subscription fee each month, until you cancel your Cloud Flex Connect subscription. If you wish to cancel your Cloud Flex Connect subscription after the end of your Introductory Trial Period, you may do so by following the instructions above. There are no refunds or credits for partial monthly subscriptions. If Transtelco increases the monthly fee in the future, we will provide you notice. Price changes will take effect at the start of the next subscription period following the date of the price change. By continuing to use the Cloud Flex Connect Service after the price change takes effect, you accept the new price. You may only use this Introductory Trial Period once. If you have subscribed to the Cloud Flex Connect service or have taken a 90-day free Trial Period offer previously, you are ineligible for this Introductory Trial Period. You may also be ineligible for this Introductory Trial Period if you have taken other previous trial offers offered by Transtelco. The Transtelco service may not be available on certain personal devices The Trial Period covers only 50 MB during 90-day free, if user spend the total of their 50 MB before 90-day free, they might request additional MB with additional charges to its billing address. This promotion shall not be added to other promotions that grant additional MB. Authorized in CDMX, Ciudad Juarez, State of Mexico, Chihuahua, Saltillo, (*** or all entities of the Mexican Republic).

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