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transtelco-worker-server-toggle-articleTranstelco’s suite of services and solutions has directly influenced Mexico’s ability to gain an edge in today’s digital economy. By connecting the U.S. and Mexico with miles of fiber-optic cable, both sides of the border could now seamlessly connect via phone and internet alike. This has been a game-changer for Mexico especially, increasing productivity levels with the ability to access the Internet and thus information more rapidly than ever before.

“We think of telecom the way we think of logistics: we’re always looking for the best way to connect a series of points together,” says Alejandro Guzman, vice president of enterprise sales for Transtelco, the El Paso- and Juarez-based company behind the data bridge. Increasingly, that means connecting organizations on both sides of the border. And the El Paso-Juarez project was a big piece of that.”

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