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Perimetral Security

Secure your Connections

This is a service for our customers who have a dedicated Internet Service and who need to secure their connections to achieve a safer and more reliable corporate network. We have strategic alliances with leading manufacturers in the market to achieve this task and not compromise the speed and data transfer rate. The great business potential that exists with the opening to public networks for the exchange of information is a great opportunity, as well as a great challenge to achieve secure connections and clean data transfers. Now we support that connectivity achieving in a secure way by securing the perimeter with a new generation On-Site Firewall through a unified Threat Management (UTM) supported by technological leader in Security.

Learn how perimetral security from Transtelco will change the way you do business:

Benefits of Perimeter Security

  • Reinforcement of the current or the null perimeter security
  • Perimeter security all in one in a single device
  • Our perimeter security service includes hardware and licensing.
  • We manage an OPEX model based on rents where the solution includes the dedicated Internet link, next-generation NGFW Firewall, and we also include a FortiAnalyzer in the cloud.
  • Management and monitoring 24×7 Remotely
  • Supporting by expert personnel in the security area
  • Monthly executive and technical reports.
  • Visibility of what passes through the perimeter area of your network.
  • Proactive decision making based on knowledge and visibility of trac behavior.
  • Control of inbound and outbound trac based on policies
  • Support your IT Staff with specialized Support.
  • Savings in acquisition of security equipment.
  • Optional High Availability Hardware System.
  • Allow focus on your business

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