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Customer Story


As an international consulting organization with a focus on financial services systems integration, Oreico operates in a fluid, high-speed market environment where data security and infrastructure reliability are at a premium. The company provides custom infrastructure, compliance, telecommunications, and web services/security solutions to global banks. As part of their services architecture, they manage the Financial Services Marketplace in Mexico, managing transactions and data on behalf of global banks in 200 cities in 60 countries who do business in Mexico.


Managing high volume transactions and data for an operation like the Financial Services Marketplace in Mexico requires extremely high levels of performance, network infrastructure, reliability, and control. When Oreico set out to select their provider – a process that took them 6 months – they had very specific criteria for the kind of low latency, high-bandwidth infrastructure they needed to run the high transactional volumes through their network.

The Solution

After 6 months of analysis, Oreico selected Transtelco to provision the network for its cross-border operations. Transtelco’s implementation gave Oreico the core functionality and performance metrics it needed to manage its network and conduct its other consulting activities, including:

  • Extremely low latency to ensure efficient processing of high-volume transactional activity

  • High bandwidth/availability delivered by Transtelco’s state-of-the-art fiber network

  • Robust SLA and service commitment

  • Separate, stand-alone network that Oreico owned and operated

  • Fiber connection in the data center where Oreico has its point of presence

This combination of features means that today, and going forward, Oreico will be able to deliver the high levels of service and security their banking customers require.

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