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Transtelco Acquires Neutrona Networks: What This Means for You

As of April 28th, 2020, we announced the official acquisition of Neutrona Networks, a Software-Defined Network Service Provider that spans Latin America and the Caribbean with an international presence in the U.S., Europe and Asia. While we have built an extensive, fiber optic network that spans from the U.S. to Mexico, we’re excited to extend our reach beyond our core network and geography and offer a complete solution throughout the Americas. The acquisition will further enhance our capabilities for our customer base of global clients.

“We are excited to welcome Neutrona onto the Transtelco platform and into our ecosystem of family-owned companies, whose legacy of operating global businesses stretches back over 100 years. Neutrona’s co-founders Luciano Salata and Mateo Ward have built a world-class company whose core values align well with our own.”

Transtelco’s CEO, Miguel Fernandez

Our Capabilities

At Transtelco, connectivity has no borders. We’re the first network that offers you your own fiber optic connection between the U.S. and Mexico to link all your operations in a safe and efficient way. And now with the extension of Neutrona Network’s reach and services, we’re further equipped to solve the complex global connectivity challenges that wholesale and enterprise customers face on a regular basis. 

Transtelco manages all aspects of your network service, including installation, servicing, monitoring, and network management, so we can deliver reliable and cost-effective solutions to our customers. We even provide content filtering, cybersecurity, and colocation services.

  • Our MESH multi-point connections give you the ability to virtualize storage, services, telecoms, and other assets to increase access and speed the transfer of mission-critical documents and data within the network—and between operations in multiple geographies.
  • Metro, regional, and international point-to-point connections seamlessly integrate your suppliers and partners into the network.
  • High-bandwidth dedicated Internet access keeps you running smoothly—with value-added services such as content filtering, perimetral security, and the ability to monitor, analyze, and manage bandwidth and traffic.

We’re also cloud experts. We deliver secure, robust multi- and hybrid-cloud connectivity. And, with our TCloud Connect Service, you get a private line to major cloud providers, including AWS, Google, Oracle, and Microsoft Azure.


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