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Ethernet Services

Mesh — E-Lan and PTP — E-Line

Mesh E-Lan Service

Mesh is a connectivity service based on a metropolitan network through fiber optics that can be expanded over long distances. This service offers a direct connectivity type E-LAN (Ethernet-LAN) based on Layer 2. This premier class service is offered to our customers to take advantage of a very high quality and transparent grade connectivity. In this type of networks, the client has control over their network in its entirety since it does not depend on the provider for changes in its routing. The type of connectivity built is any to any, all nodes can logically be connected in a full or partial mesh model. It is not required to have a central site as a point of connection among all nodes because this mesh allows direct connectivity between sites improving latencies or response times. The transfer speeds can go up to 10Gb according to the transfer requirements.

PTP E-Line Service

Transtelco Metro-Optical Ethernet Network or Metro Ethernet is a Layer 2 data transport service that offers enterprise and Carrier customers the ability to interconnect standard 10/100/1000 Mbps Local Area Network (LAN) interfaces over WDM (e.g. CWDM, DWDM). Transtelco Metro Ethernet also has technologies like SONET/SDH and OTN to connect two or more customer-designated locations using Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, IEEE802.1d Media Access Control (MAC) bridging.

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