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Transtelco is a leading digital infrastructure service provider connecting companies on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border and across the Americas.

Managed SD-WAN

Product Overview

SD-WAN is a coverage technology that creates virtual connections to securely and efficiently route traffic between enterprise headquarters, branch offices, and corporate or cloud data centers.

Takes advantage of any type of access link available, such as MPLS, Dedicated Internet, Broadband, and even 4G/5G connections, creating secure, flexible, resilient, and unified-managed networks from a central dashboard that provides advanced analytics and reports.

Managed SD-WAN Benefits

  • Business agility and faster time to market with simple branch installation and centralized network management.
  • Improved end-user experience with high application performance.
  • Cost-effective delivery of business applications with lower operational cost.
  • Simple integration with cloud providers.
  • Secure network with inbuilt security features preventing internet threats.

Clean Pipes

Product Overview

Transtelco’s Clean Pipe service enables real-time detection, management, and mitigation of distributed denial-of-service (DDos) attacks from Transtelco’s infrastructure.

  • DDoS mitigation solution for online enterprises and mission-critical websites that require real-time protection against volumetric attacks.
  • Service for our dedicated Internet service customers.
  • Cloud service that identifies and blocks DDos attacks.
  • We give the possibility to inject or remove mitigation routes for your hosts or prefixes through the Transtelco Customer Portal.
  • Access to Real-Time Monitoring Portal where you can also get reports and statistics of the attacks that have been presented.

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