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Dedicated Internet Service

Carrier Class Service is now Available for your Company

Symmetric capacity of dedicated Internet that is a connection access that guarantees the most demanding transfer rates required. Our Carrier Class service is now available for your company, allowing you to have a unique experience by achieving exceptional quality in transfer rates not previously offered for the business sector.

Our service is delivered in Fiber Optic with state of the art technology to be directly connected to our Points of Presence (POPs) offering a dedicated and non-shared connection. We support Businesses Objectives to meet their goals by having a reliable service in which they can guarantee the support of critical applications.

Learn how dedicated internet service from Transtelco will change the way you do business:

Benefits of Dedicated Internet

  • Transtelco has at the moment 14 international fiber optic crossings to the USA.
  • Redundancy with different Tier-2 carriers to reach the Internet backbone.
  • Minimum latency thanks to the peering with different content providers.
  • 7x24x365 monitoring of the network through our NOC.
  • Synchronous Broadband Business Service
  • Speed up to 960 Mbps delivered in 1GB Port in Optical Fiber
  • Available speeds of up to 10Gb for Fiber mode companies
  • High Availability Support Projects in 1 + 1 links
  • Public Address IPV4 Approved
  • IPv6 addressing available
  • Direct Connection to the main Content sites (Google, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, Yahoo, Akamay, etc)
  • Availability of delivery in Optical (SFP) or Electrical (Ethernet RJ45) port
  • BGP support for sessions between Autonomous systems.
  • Transportation last mile: Optical fiber WDM or Microwave with frequency licensed (23 Ghz / 10.5Gh) in case of non-coverage or cases of redundancy.

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