TCloud Microsoft ExpressRoute Services

A point to point L2/L3 ethernet network managed by Transtelco connecting your site to the Microsoft Cloud.

Connect your network site to the Microsoft ExpressRoute using the Transtelco TCloud services. TCloud Connect provides you with a private ethernet line from your site allowing you to Interconnect with Microsoft Cloud serivces such as:

Office 365 Microsoft Azure Microsoft Dynamics CRM

How TCloud Connect Works

A private Ethernet Line is created from customer site to Transtelco Interconnection with Microsoft. ExpressRoute circuits provide customers with a wide range of bandwidths.

  • L3: Low Cost A router is installed to establish a BGP session with Microsoft
  • L2: Through this Private connection the customers can access resources into Microsoft Cloud

Product Features

  • 10gb/100Gb Core links for private connection toward Microsoft Cloud Services
  • Low latency using Transtelco cross border fiber infrastructure, US and Mexico as a same network
  • Private ethernet lines to your WAN
  • Full ethernet connection
  • Transport multiple VLANs
  • Q-in-Q support
  • Router for BPG Connection or L2 Connection

Two Nations. One Network.

Transtelco has an infrastructure of high-capacity network in the United States and Mexico with International crossings along the border and locations in Dallas and Los Angeles allowing our customers to connect directly to Microsoft Cloud.

TCloud Microsoft ExpressRoute Services